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Don't Use Inferior Products to Save Money

It is tempting sometimes to cut corners to save money but it seldom works out when choosing furniture. You end up frustrated and on the hunt again because the item did not stand up to the amount of use and abuse it received costing you more money in the long run.

For instance, a bedroom chair barely sees anything heavier than a sweater thrown across it. But that "what a great deal" dining room chair will have to withstand many an ample backside over the years! Spending a little more to get the best quality you can afford will serve you well through "style" changes and "lifestyle" changes. Keep your budget on track by spending a little less on the furniture that is strictly "decorative".

Buy Canadian if possible - there are over 200 furniture manufacturers in Canada. Be sure to look for a quality frame made from kiln dried hardwood when purchasing a sofa or chair. The frame should be glued as well as screwed and corner blocked to provide rigidity. You can still find manufacturers who offer the traditional 8-way hand tied web and coil seating which is the Cadillac in comfort, however, standard heavy gauge no-sag springs will offer years of comfort and durability. Look for 20 to 25 year warranty on frames.

Well made furniture will give you years of enjoyment. It makes sense to recover, refinish and give new life to quality pieces when the time comes to update your look.

Remember......this is your napping, reading, snuggling with kids, entertaining friends space - make it comfortable and affordable long term.

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