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Why Jewel Tones Are The Hottest New Trend In Living room Design

Jewel tones will be taking center stage in 2017, regardless of whether your home is modern, country-chic or traditional. When it comes to jewel tones, they tend to add a touch of richness and glitz to any room, making it feel a little more luxurious compared to other colours. However, don’t be put off by the word “glitz” – even if your home isn’t particularly luxe, you can still incorporate jewel tones.

Why Jewel Tones Are The Hottest New Living room Trend

Jewel tones have the benefit of creating mood through colour and depending on the tone you choose, they have the power to create a lot of atmosphere and alter your space. Sapphire blues are a popular choice for living rooms, offering a soothing quality, while turquoise and emeralds bring in a sense of the ocean calm. Ruby reds and fuchsia are additional options, great for brightening up a smaller room with less natural light.

Whether you choose to incorporate a jewel tone as an accent colour, or you commit to the colour 100%, you have a lot of options for incorporating this theme into your home. Here are some some ideas:

  • Light Fixtures and Pillows
  • A non-committal way to incorporate new colours like jewel tones into your home is to do it via lamps or pillows. This is subtle addition that allows you to take advantage of these rich colours while changing them up seasonally.

  • Window Coverings
  • Window coverings make a great statement when it comes to experimenting with colour. Window coverings are the finishing touch to your redecorating plan, adding interest and beauty to your room. Whether you want to make a dramatic statement with a more bold jewel colour or incorporate a more toned down version, window coverings are a great way to warm up to a new colour theme.

  • Paint Colour
  • If you are somewhat hesitant to paint an entire room, try an accent wall in a jewel tone. Paint a living room wall in a sapphire blue and add in emerald accents via your pillows. Crisp white linen panels against a sapphire blue wall will make you want to spend the entire day hanging out in that room.

  • Furniture
  • Ready to take the plunge? Investing in jewel toned furniture may be where you splurge this year. Whether a deep blue velvet couch, crimson linen side chair or gold accented coffee table - this is an additional way to add a dramatic point of interest to your home. 2017 promises to be a fun year to mix it up!

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