Bright Colours Are Big In Furniture This Year: Here’s How You Can Jump On The Trend

Jewel tone furniture, furniture the colour of gemstones, from emerald green to ruby red to amethyst purple, is all the rage this year. The good news is that there is a wide selection of colours to choose from, meaning that you will more than likely find a colour that strikes your fancy. Jewel tones are rich and bold and, as such, they require a little more care to implement them into a room successfully. That said, colour shouldn’t be something to shy away from!

Keep in mind that if you are uncertain about which jewel tone to go for, ruby reds tend to have an energetic personality, for example, while sapphire blues have a certain serenity about them. Considering what mood you want to convey can help guide you to a colour.

  • In Subtle Ways: With Accent Furniture
    If you want to jump on this jewel tone trend but aren’t 100 per cent committed to a colour yet, you can always incorporate it in a more subtle way via accent furniture, which still allows the room to pop. This means choosing smaller pieces of furniture that aren’t going to be the focal point in a room but rather serve to compliment your main decor. A side chair or an end table are examples of accent furniture.

  • With Accessories
    This is a great way to incorporate this year’s trend in a more subtle way if you are hesitant about bright colours. No big commitment here - try a few toss pillows or accent accessories to explore the impact the colour has in your room. Luxurious silk drapery panels in metallic shades hung against a jewel tone painted wall adds drama. Pair this with neutral colour furnishings and you have a safe way to experiment with colour.

  • Add A Jewel Tone Statement Piece
    Another option for those who are a bit more committed to a colour is to add a statement piece (such as a sofa). This will add a significant pop of colour to your home in a way that still allows you to keep your main decor.

  • For Those 150% Committed To The Colour
    If you are committed to a particular jewel tone, you have a couple of different options. For example, you could take a layered approach, by incorporating one single colour into the entire room, from your choice of furniture to the paint. Alternatively, many people have incorporated several different jewel tones into their room at once.

For more powerful jewel tones like purple, incorporating shades of this colour (such as lavender) and then accenting with amethyst purple works really well, or, alternatively a mix of both dark and light amethyst (or whatever jewel tone you’re partial to) is also a beautiful option. You could also take these approaches and apply them to any jewel tone you like.

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