Spring Decorating Tips

  1. Mix and match new furniture pieces with older items recovered in a fresh new fabric for a pop of colour. Add a plush new pillow or two and Voila! - a new love affair with the same old chair.

  2. Upcycling and revamping are major trends for 2017. Spring is a great time to declutter your home and garage. Sell what you donít use anymore or better yet, donate items to the Furniture Bank. It will give you a new perspective when you look at your rooms without the clutter.

  3. To create a colour palette for your house can be overwhelming. I use the 3-3-3 rule. Choose 3 colour families you like plus an off white or neutral tone. Two of the colour families should be complimentary and the third should be contrasting. For your main living area (living room/family room) choose your favourite colour from these three families. Repeat this colour in three varying intensities in the other rooms in the house. In the rest of the rooms, choose colours from the other families and use them in 3 different intensities around the house. This combination creates great flow with pops of contrast here and there to keep things interesting.

  4. Colour isnít for everyone. If you prefer to use monochromatic or neutral colours in different tones and shades, it can be equally appealing to the eye. To prevent this decorating technique from becoming monotonous or boring use different textures.

  5. Whatís the old adage ďFail to Plan - Plan to FailĒ? Without an overall plan for the space you want to tackle, the room could fail to be the gem you envision. Proper planning can save you a lot of time, energy and money.

  6. Using dark coloured fabric for drapery doesnít necessarily close in a room. Dark curtains can anchor a room with high ceilings. Darker shades in drapery fabric set against lighter wall colours add contrast drawing your eyes up. Using a lighter shade of paint the same colour as the curtains on your wall can actually add depth and interest to a room. When used correctly, it can give the impression of a much larger space. Vacuum your drapes at least twice a year to remove dust. This will add to the life of the fabric.

  7. Want to add a little character but not scare the family....you can always paint an accent wall, wallpaper the powder room or paint an old wooden table in a punchier shade. Create interesting accents using a rug or inexpensive art.

  8. Auctions are a great place to pick up affordable pieces for repurposing. Keep an open mind and focus on the wood frame of the furniture. If it has good lines and is in good shape, it is worth sanding down and revamping with a new paint colour, stain and maybe even some stainless nail heads.

  9. Donít be afraid to break the rules every now and then. You never know, you may start a new trend!

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