6 Small Luxury Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

You dont have to rob a bank to give your home upgrades that are the height of luxury.

 Upgrade Your Home With These 6 Small Luxuries

You and your family spend most of the time in your home making precious memories. Of course you want your living space to not only be comfortable, but elegant, and with these few additions or upgrades, you will have achieved that goal:

  1. Wining and dining

  2. Adding a wine cellar or designating a space for your bottles of wine will instantly elevate the opulence factor. The space can feature a small island where you and your guests can have impromptu tastings or wine and cheese evenings. No matter how small the area, you can make it special by adding your own creative touches. Use soft lighting to create a warm, inviting ambience.

  3. Eating in the great outdoors

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    Using your backyard as extra living space is a mighty fine option. Add an outdoor kitchen/barbecue area. These spaces are becoming incredibly popular with homeowners. The space can be as modest or as elaborate as youd like from just a simple built-in grill to a full-blown kitchen with an island.

  5. Get soaked

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    A hot tub doesnt take up a lot of space and is a popular selling feature for potential home buyers. Spas that are independently designed can run through the winter. With the great selection of styles and sizes you can create a unique outdoor addition that can be enjoyed all year.

  7. A sweet in-law suite

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    Moving Mom and Dad into your home may be a win-win situation both economically and personally. If your parents are aging and youd like to keep a closer eye on them, the addition of a living space for them may work for all of you. They can be close to you and your children.

  9. Rip out the old, lay down the new

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    If you have old wall-to-wall carpeting on your floor, removing it and having hardwood or some other natural flooring installed will boost not only your homes value, but its charm. Heated flooring in the bathroom and kitchen areas make a great investment. This is not a big expense when renovating and something you will really appreciate on cold mornings.

  11. Add a stylish backsplash

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    Backsplashes are very easy to remove in your kitchen and something that has become quite a DIY project for a lot of people. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, you can give the whole space a more modern feeling with a clean, crisp backsplash made from tiles, stainless steel or running your quartz counter up the wall.

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