6 Considerations To Make When Buying Curtains

Window coverings can make or break a room. So, when going for a definitive look for a space, extra consideration should be given to what kind of curtains will show off your windows and evoke the feeling for the room.

Buying Curtains Using These 6 Tips

Here are some things you should take note of when going to purchase draperies:

  1. Colour and texture

  2. The better quality the fabric, the longer your curtains will last. Make sure the colour speaks to your personality and creativity. Just remember, the sun fades fabric, so if your curtains will be getting a lot of natural light, more muted or natural colours might be the best option and make sure your drapery panels are lined. In terms of material, linen or cotton blends work well in bright sunny areas. Keep silk or any dark fabrics for areas that don’t have direct sunlight.

  3. Lined or unlined; short or long

  4. image to replace swags - tip2.jpeg

    A rule of thumb: Hanging curtains higher than the actual height of the window will make the ceiling seem higher. When deciding on width, one finished width of material equals approximately 21” which will frame your window nicely.

  5. What exactly are custom made draperies?
  6. Having custom-made curtains gives you the option of choosing the material, style and length of your drapery panel. Custom made drapes also come fully lined and professionally sewn providing a better quality finish and look that you won’t get with curtains off the shelf.

  7. Wash or dry clean?
  8. We strongly recommend all custom, lined drapery panels be dry cleaned. All fabrics, all styles - no exceptions.

  9. Rod style

  10. lucite drapery rod - tip5.jpeg

    The rod from which your curtains will be hanging should be reflective of the curtains’ style. More modest curtains can make a room pop if they’re hanging off chic, lovely curtain rods.

  11. Other window coverings
  12. image of panels with shutters - tip6.jpeg

    If you also have shades or blinds for privacy on your windows, you won’t need to have drapery panels that close over the space. Allow the light to shine in by selecting panels that frame the window and soften the look of blinds or shutters.

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