How To Clean And Maintain Your Drapes

Spring Cleaning Your Home

Well maintained drapes can make an already clean room look and feel even better.

When cleaning your home, it’s important to not forget the drapes as window coverings are quick to collect dust. Maintaining drapes properly will add to their longevity – and enhance the appearance of your windows and overall décor.

Well Maintained Windows And Decor

The Monthly Touch

Vacuuming Drapes

Plan to include vacuuming your drapes in the overall cleaning equation once a month. More than likely, your vacuum has an upholstery attachment tool which does a terrific job of dusting off heavier drapes and getting into the pleats at the top. Lighter, breezier curtains just need a delicate shake to remove any dust.

Time for a wash

If some of your drapes are machine washable (sheers made of polyester), wash them in cold water on gentle with a little laundry soap. Make sure to remove the hooks. Anything that is made of delicate lace should be washed in a mesh bag or inside a pillowcase that has been tied. This will prevent damage or fraying.

Drying drapes

Most polyester sheers can be put in the dryer on a low setting. Take them out before they’re completely dry to prevent wrinkling and hang them back on the rod. You can even hang drapes when they’re damp right out of the washer if you prefer and just put a towel under them on the floor to catch any water. They shouldn’t wrinkle but if you need to iron them place a dish towel between the sheer panel and the iron to prevent damage.

Dry cleaning

Most drapes require dry cleaning which we recommend. There are some fabrics - like silk - that will fade and/or bleed if not properly cleaned. All linens, cottons, silks and some poly blends require dry cleaning to prevent shrinking or stretching. This is particularly important when drapery panels are lined. If you were to throw a polyester fabric print panel that is lined in poly/cotton in the wash - the lining would shrink and your drape would not hang properly.

Steaming out Wrinkles

Fabric Steamers

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Steamers can be great for eliminating wrinkles in drapes. Silk and 100% linen fabrics can wrinkle when folded. If you own a steamer for your clothing you can use this on your drapes as well. Always start at the top of the drape and work down. Don’t soak the material – hold the steamer a few inches away from the curtain. Steam can burn, so be mindful and wear appropriate clothes for the job. Always test a small area first to make sure the fabric can tolerate the steam. You can also iron your drapes - just keep in mind that you should place dish towel between the iron and the fabric as a caution.

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