5 Best Colours And Prints For Coastal Homes

Best Colours And Prints For Coastal Homes

Those lucky enough to be living in coastal homes or who have coastal vacation cottages have a rainbow of colours and a myriad prints from which to choose to give their waterfront abodes the feeling of island living.

Here are some trending colours and prints designs used in coastal homes to give them added appeal:

  1. A pretty pairing

    Colour Pairing For Coastal Homes

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    Designers use a colour wheel to pair many colours and hues. Purple and yellow are natural together, and would be particularly pretty in a coastal home. A light violet shade of paint will remind you of the dusky glow of the sky in the moments before sunset. Try pairing this with citrusy yellow in accessories . Yellow and white ticking fabric on a pillow will kick up the cheer factor in any room.

  2. Big, bold, and beautiful

    Large patterns and vibrant colours can be mixed with other patterns of a similar palette. For instance, you might want to consider accessorizing with oversized striped pillows or large, tropical print fabrics – and pull one of the colours from the print for the wall colour. Pale watery paint colours or deep blue work well when paired with crisp white painted paneling on walls or ceilings. Try slipcovering your furniture in a white or blue denim to achieve that “beachy” ambience.

  3. Vibrant against white

    An island favourite is to take strong colours like lime green and orange and use them in small doses, such as painting stripes on a door. When the room is a starker colour like snow white, the bold colours will instantly pop giving whatever is painted added visual appeal.

  4. Pristine prints

    Fabric Print Designs For Coastal Homes

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    Living near the sea or lake can be spectacular and so can the prints you use in your waterfront dwelling. There are many fabric print designs available to evoke beach life. Artwork or wonderful photos of family fun at the beach can help you get the right feeling for a room. Wrap your sofa in a washable white chintz slipcover to make those throw pillows teeming with fish and sea stars seem even more fanciful. Add texture on the floor with the durable and natural look of sisal.

  5. Splash of natural

    Natural Colours For A Seaside Home

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    Not all hues in a coastal home or cottage have to be knock out bold. Bringing a little of those natural colours from the beach inside would add depth, warmth, and calmness even when the weather is stormy. Add that piece of driftwood you found on the beach and build colours around it. Natures colours - green, blue, sand, and hues of brown mixed with seascapes can create a terrific space in a seaside home. After all this is a vacation spot for every member of the family so it should be fun, functional and friendly.

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