Create Your Own Urban Oasis

Tropical Plants Indoors and Out!

Creating Urban Oasis

As you may have noticed, houseplants are making a comeback in interior and exterior decor. From large floor plants to small herbs, most everyone enjoys the satisfaction that comes from nurturing plants. Balconies and small patios belonging to condo dwellers are regarded as an extension of the interior space providing a welcome oasis.

While hanging macrame planters may evoke a little too much of a 70's vibe for some, they are definitely hot! There are so many ways to creatively display your hanging plants. Succulents and air plants are the perfect “pet” for those who want to remain commitment free as they thrive on low maintenance or just plain neglect.

Hanging Macrame Planters

For a few short months every year we plan, nurture and fuss over our outdoor green spaces. Whether high rise living or back yard patio planning, introducing year round tropicals to the great outdoors adds dramatic colour when mixed with flowering annuals.

Crazy for Colour: Create a summer that sizzles with colour! Fall in love with colourful tropicals and create a party with interesting combinations of plants. Try mixing bromeliads and bougainvillea with delicate ferns. Shadier areas of your patio will be infused with colour as tropicals prefer filtered light.

Colourful Tropical Decor Plants

Introduce graceful palms and colourful crotons to your patio or veranda as they will transition well when brought inside for the winter creating your own indoor ecosystem. There are health benefits when incorporating tropical plants into your decor. Indoor plants remove pollutants from the air by absorbing airborne toxins from carpets, fabrics and chemical cleaners through their leaves and roots. Ferns, spider plants, ivy, palms, aloe vera and peace lilies have been found to be the most beneficial.

Patio And Veranda Decor

We aren't limited to the lowly philodendron anymore. A wide array of exotic tropicals tempt us to group like varieties together for display on shelves and tables creating a wonderful blended harmony. Tropicals appear in bathrooms, kitchens and foyers adding life and colour throughout our home. When displaying outside create a theme by using natural materials such as wood, wicker or clay to nestle plants in. Scatter river rocks, moss or large pieces of driftwood for added visual interest. Infuse your garden with candlelight from large lanterns that will glow long after the sun has set.

Exotic Tropical Indoor Plants

String up the twinkle lights, light the candles and pour a glass of wine. Time to enjoy all summer has to offer!

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