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Hanging onto Possessions "Just Because”

We are all guilty of it. “I can’t get rid of that because…”

“It was a present”..... So what? That may sound harsh, but gifts are meant to please the receiver not the giver. You can be grateful for the thought and pleased that someone cared enough to buy you a present but don’t feel obliged to display every single gift you have been given especially if you don’t like it or need it. Donate them and feel lighter! If you still feel guilty - have some chocolate.

“I’m saving it for…” Nope. Chances are your kids don’t want it either. There’s a reason that uncomfortable antique chair has been handed down. No one else wanted it!

Keep small sentimental items that remind you of special people you love and moments you’ve shared. Choose photographs and small decorative items that make you feel good when you look at them. That’s what you should be keeping.

Time to strike out on your own and only keep things that matter to you and your family.

You can do it! Start fresh - be ruthless. It feels very liberating when you do!

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