2016 Colour of the Year !

Benjamin Moore colour of the year....."Simply White". Well that should make everything easy. Or not.

When first married, I asked my husband to pick up some white paint for a project at home. He asked the salesman at the store for "white paint" and was asked what colour white? What ensued was an exhausting tutorial and an array of paint chips he had to sort through. He confidently made his selection. He was then asked if he wanted flat, satin, egg shell or pearl finish - he didn't come home with any paint.

I happen to love using white. Whether it's with paint, fabric or in a garden. It's the purest way to reflect light. Think of crisp snowy nights that are illuminated with the white of the landscape. White flowers in your garden will reflect light at night. White makes other colours sharper and defines lines.

Beautiful White Astilbe makes a garden glow at night!

The white moulding in this bedroom perfectly defines the space and adds architectural interest to the walls. Pops of white in the fabrics give this room such a fresh look!

White furniture and accessories are used as backdrops to this botanical theme. This is a perfect arrangement for those who love to change up their "look" seasonly.


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