What is it that attracts the eye to some surfaces and not others. The texture and warmth of wood floors are more pleasing to the eye than a plain tile. Wood detail on a wall or ceiling is visually more interesting than a flat painted wall. I think it is our link with nature - water, mountains, trees - there is movement or shape to catch the eye and stimulate.

Adding architectural interest to your home can be simple or elaborate.

This beautiful bedroom has very clean lines. What keeps it from being boring is the inset of weathered wood painted a soft shade of aqua. With the layering of wood behind a soft fabric headboard followed by different textures of fabric on the bed, your eye is kept moving and interested.

This is a great choice to enhance a flat ceiling with much needed punch. The warmth of the wood adds so much interest to what would otherwise be a surface that would go unnoticed.

Bring in colour on the ceiling instead of the wall. Easy to achieve this look with minimal expense but a "wow" finish.

Hallways with architectural detail always say "Welcome Home"

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