I do get a bit nostalgic when the days get a little shorter and the warmth of the sun isn't quite as comforting as it was a month ago but I always feel inspired by the way an Ontario fall closes the door to summer.

Crisp, sunny autumn days set ablaze with orange and yellow leaves lead to that inevitable yearning to start nesting. Time to take a good look at what needs to be updated or replaced (no, not your husband) so that you can focus on the numerous indoor events you will be hosting over the next few months.

Bring some of those glorious colours inside. Fabrics that will inspire you season to season! Load up on candles and indoor greenery to warm up those cool autumn nights.

Our family always bids farewell to summer with a Thanksgiving feast outdoors (rain or shine, and yes, sometimes snow).

Cheers to Summer 2016. It was a good one!

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